mission and goals

Association of Democratic Pharmacists

The VdPP is an association of about 100 pharmacists who advocate for patient centered pharmaceutical care. We participate in health politics debates and try to shape medicine policies in order to achieve the following goals:

  • patient centered pharmaceutical care, including evidence based pharmacy
  • democratic decision making and structures in the health system
  • interdisciplinary collaboration of health workers
  • strengthening of health system consumer protection and patient involvement
  • access to medicines for all people worldwide
  • limitation of market power and lobby of the pharmaceutical industry









VdPP - Herbstseminar:

31. Oktober, Berlin

Notwendige Arzneimittel für alle - solidarisch finanziert!

VdPP-Herbstseminar 2019: Notwendige Arzneimittel für alle - solidarisch finanziert!


Fachkonferenz der dpgg: 

11. November, Berlin

Öffentlich-Private Partnerschaften in der globalen Gesundheit



GAA - Jahrestagung: 

21. - 22. November, Bonn



Kongress Armut und Gesundheit: 

8.-10. März 2020, Berlin

Politik macht Gesundheit

Gender im Fokus



Memento Preis:  

11. März 2020, Berlin

Memento Preis für vernachlässigte Krankheiten 

"Politischer Wille"